What Is the Purpose of Form N-14 for Immigration?

When an immigration interview is inconclusive, the official gives the applicant a Form N-14, also known as a request for evidence, that identifies what new documents and information he needs to present to validate his request for naturalization, reports Nolo. Form N-14 lists the paperwork or other evidence the applicant must submit, explains how the applicant can respond and presents a deadline for submission of new evidence, states the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

When an immigration officer gives an applicant a Form N-14 at the end of the first immigration interview, he is not denying the application but postponing the decision pending receipt of further information, clarifies Nolo. If the applicant does not understand details on the Form N-14, he should ask the interviewing immigration officer, the officer's supervisor or an immigration attorney for clarification. The applicant should send the requested documents, a copy of the Form N-14 and a cover letter listing the contents of the packet by certified mail with return receipt.

If an applicant does not submit the requested information by the deadline, the USCIS makes a final decision on the application without the information, explains Nolo. An applicant has only one opportunity to reply and should submit all the evidence in a single mailing.