What Is the Purpose of DA Form 4856?


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DA Form 4856 is a developmental counseling form that assists military leaders in documenting counseling information for subordinates, explains the Department of the Army. Both the counselor and the individual receiving counseling should keep a copy of the form.

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Part I of DA Form 4856 calls for administrative data, including the full name, rank/grade and organization of the individual receiving counseling, notes the Department of the Army.. The date of counseling, as well as the counselor's name and title, also belongs in this section. In Part II of the form, the counselor enters relevant background information before counseling takes places, including the purpose of the counseling and any relevant facts or observations.

In Part III of this form, the counselor summarizes the counseling session by listing the main discussion points, reports the Department of the Army. In this section, the counselor also records the plan of action, which entails the actions the subordinate must undertake to reach the determined goal. A time line for these actions to occur and be assessed is also part of this segment.

Part III also requires the counselor to provide a summary of the session, according to the Department of the Army. The individual receiving counseling expresses his agreement or disagreement with the counselor's remarks by checking the appropriate box, records his personal remarks if desired, and signs and dates the form. Finally, the counselor lists the leader's responsibilities in the plan of action, and signs and dates the form. The final portion of the form, Part IV, calls for the counselor and the individual receiving counseling to assess the plan of action and determine if the plan achieved the desired results.

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