What Is the Purpose of the Consulate General of Brazil?


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The Consulate General of Brazil represents the interests of the Brazilian Government within the confines of a foreign country. The Consulate General provides public services for Brazilian nationals living or traveling abroad and serves to issue visas for those wishing to travel to Brazil. The Consulate General of Brazil also bears a number of notarial duties, including the maintenance and holding of birth, marriage and death certificates for Brazilians living or traveling in foreign countries.

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Working in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Brazil, the Consulate General of Brazil provides some additional services, which include assisting in issuing the proper documentation for transferring a pet or flora from a foreign country to Brazil, regulating customs and baggage protocols for those returning to Brazil, and providing public power-of-attorney for documented Brazilian nationals upon request.

Within the United States, consulates in 10 locations across the country, including Washington, D.C., represent the Brazilian Government. Each of these individual Brazilian consulates holds a specific jurisdiction over a different region of the United States. The Consulate General of Brazil in New York, for instance, holds jurisdiction over the U.S. states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as the Bermuda Islands.

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