What Is the Purpose of Candidate Endorsements?

What Is the Purpose of Candidate Endorsements?

Candidate endorsements help to earn credibility and expand name recognition. At times, however, the endorsements may not change anything or could even be harmful to a candidate's reputation.

Both individuals and organizations can make candidate endorsements. An organizational endorsement may be in the form of volunteers, phone banks, additional campaign support and financial contributions.

Celebrities, at times, declare whom they support, especially in the state campaigns. On a local scale, people often write letters to local magazines or newspapers bearing the names of those they support. An endorsement from someone who is unfamiliar to locals is likely to be less influential and carry less weight than one that comes from an organization or person enjoying extensive local fame.

While an endorsement may improve public perception, the backing of a candidate by an individual with a negative public image puts off voters. For some contests, endorsements may not deter voters from making their personal choices.

It is agreeable, however, that a contest can be won without a single backing. In fact, endorsements are sometimes a mere expression of personal choices and may not count as the sure indicators of success. However, in a tight contest, the organizational and financial support that comes with endorsements can make all the difference.