What Is the Purpose of an Affidavit of Residence Form?


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The purpose of an Affidavit or Residence form is to verify an person's residence when her child needs to change school districts, explains Rocket Lawyer. Verifying the death and residency of a deceased person to claim funds may also require an Affidavit of Residence.

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A person may be asked to prove her residency during certain times in her life, and an Affidavit or Residence is a legal document that can provide the necessary proof, says Rocket Lawyer. The affidavit can be used to prove the residency of the person making the affidavit or any family members that live with the individual. Affidavits are usually required in response to a financial institution, school, court or other business that is requiting proof of residency for an individual, and many times the affidavits are requested along with a copy of a utility bill or another form of communication, says Free Legal Documents.

When someone passes away, an Affidavit or Residence may be requested in order to verify where someone lived before they passed away. Certain financial institutions or agencies may ask a family member of a deceased person to make the affidavit before certain funds can be released. Many times, a copy of the death certificate may be requested and required to be attached to the affidavit, according to Rocket Lawyer.

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