Do You Have to Purchase Publications From the U.S. Government?

Publications from the United States government can either be directly purchased or downloaded for free. The online bookstore of the Government Printing Office, or GPO, offers federal publications for a price. The official publications website of the U.S. government is also a site where consumers can order federal documents or read and download official information for free.

The authority in printing and circulating federal publications is vested in the GPO. Publications from the government include annual fiscal budgets, federal registers, audits, science and technical research, bio-medical literature and energy studies and other official documents.

The GPO bookstore provides options for domestic and international customers. For easier navigation, all products can be browsed by topic or by agency. Publications, such as the consumer action handbook, are usually issued for free by the government. Individuals who are interested in official information can also avail of free resources from federal libraries.