What Is the Punishment for a Second DUI Offense?


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While the punishment for a second conviction of driving under the influence varies from state to state, most states do impose jail time for people convicted of a second DUI, says Nolo. Drivers also face license revocation after the conviction of a second DUI charge.

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In all states, first-offense DUI is considered a misdemeanor and may be punishable by up to six months in jail. The jail time is increased depending on the circumstances of the arrest, such as a high blood-alcohol content, says Nolo. Many states also require a minimum jail sentence for a first offense. A second offense often results in several months to a year in jail. Additionally, high fines are imposed for any DUI offense, regardless if it's the first or second conviction.


A person convicted of a second DUI faces license revocation of up to one year, and if convicted a third time, the person could lose his license for three years. Some states even mandate that a repeat offender does not get back on the road, sometimes temporarily and maybe permanently, by confiscating his car or cancelling the registration, says Nolo. The offender also faces additional punishment from his insurance company, by either a raise in premium or a cancellation of his car insurance policy.

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