How Do You Find Public Records for Holy Cross Cemetery?


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Find public records for the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Colma, California by accessing the link to the San Francisco Genealogy site, SFGenealogy.com, provided by HolyCrossCemeteries.com, the cemetery’s official website. SFGenealogy.com offers a San Francisco Colma Cemetery Index searchable by name, burial date, collection and plot information.

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To search SFGenealogy for grave records in the Colma Holy Cross Cemetery, enter as much information as possible into the San Francisco Colma Cemetery Index Search. Enter the decedent’s name, including first, last and middle names if known, and then enter the month, day and year of the burial if known. Choose to search all collections by ticking the All option under Collections, or opt for a more specific search by ticking the Holy Cross (1887-2006) or Calvary (1851-1916) collection options. Finally, enter as much information as possible about the burial plot, if known, including the section, row, area, plot and grave numbers. It is not necessary to fill out all boxes on the search form to return results.

When searching records using the index, it is also possible to search for a last name by the way the name sounds (if the exact spelling of the descendant’s name is unknown) by clicking the Soundex, Metaphone, Double Metaphone, NYSIIS or TEdex buttons next to the name section.

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