How Do You Find a Public Listing of Police Officers?

Public listings of police officer names and badge numbers do not exist, as of 2015. Citizens can ask police officers for their badge numbers, but many states do not require police officers to wear identifying badges, according to FindLaw. Citizens can check with their states regarding police identification laws.

Some states, such as California and Massachusetts, have laws requiring uniformed police officers to wear either a badge, nameplate or tag that has the officer's identification number on it. California law requires police officers to clearly display their name or identification number, while Massachusetts only requires officers to display an identification number, notes FindLaw. In some states, police departments determine whether or not police officers must provide identification when asked. Citizens can request the identity of any police officers they encounter in public and use this information for filing police reports.

Citizens who wish to file a complaint against a police officer can file an internal complaint, a criminal complaint or a civil lawsuit, states the law offices of Howard Friedman, PC. Internal complaints are investigated by officers working in internal affairs, and they become a permanent record in a police officer's personnel file. Criminal complaints may lead to an officer being charged with a criminal offense, and civil suits seek monetary damages for misconduct.