When Are Provincial Elections Held in Ontario?


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By virtue of the Election Statute Law Amendment Act of 2005, the Canadian Province of Ontario holds general elections every four years, on the first Thursday of October. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

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Ontario elections may occur earlier if the government gets handed a no-confidence vote in the provincial parliament, a scenario that happened in the snap elections of 2014 when the minority Liberal government at the time was blocked by the opposition on critical legislation. Another exception is if the first Thursday of October falls on a day of religious or cultural significance, in which case the new election date falls on the soonest possible date chosen by the governor general from a list of possible dates put forth by the chief electoral officer.

Patterned after the United Kingdom's form of government, Ontario's government is a democratic parliamentary system where voters select provincial members of parliament and the leader of the party with a majority becomes the premier. As of November 2015, Ontario's premier is Kathleen Wynne who led the Liberal Party to a majority government in the 2014 provincial elections.

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