What Are Some Protocols You Must Observe When Displaying the US Flag?


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Generally, the U.S. flag should only be displayed during daylight hours; however, if displaying during darkness, the flag should be illuminated. The flag should also not be displayed during inclement weather, unless it is a special all-weather flag, as stated in the United States Code, Chapter 1. Hoisting the flag should be done rapidly and lowering the flag should be ceremonious.

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If the flag is displayed on a vehicle, it should never be draped over the hood, top, sides or back, but fixed to a staff. For example, on a car the flag should be displayed on a staff attached securely to the chassis or right fender.

The U.S. flag must never be displayed below or to the left of another flag, according to the United States Code. The U.S. flag must always be displayed to the right of other flags at the same level, with the staff in front of the other flags.

When displayed over the center of an east-west street, the flag should be vertical with the union oriented to the north. Over a north-south street, the union should be oriented to the east.

If displaying the flag at half staff, it should first be hoisted to the top before it is lowered to the middle of the staff. It is proper to display the flag at half staff until noon on Memorial Day and upon the death of leading U.S. politicians, such as state governors.

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