What Are Some Pros and Cons of Using Voting Machines?


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Typically, the number one issue voters have with electronic voting machines is they are theoretically vulnerable to hacking, because they transmit data via the Internet. On the other hand, a particularly useful advantage of using voting machines is how quickly votes can be counted, without the possibility of human counting error.

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What Are Some Pros and Cons of Using Voting Machines?
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Electronic voting machines have the possibility of suffering the same faults most computers have. As a result, voting machines have the potential liability of short-circuiting during election time, miscounting votes because of faulty software, or increasing voting times by being difficult to use. Included in the list of faults is that the voting machine might not be able to detect external software used to deliberately alter vote counts.

Some states, like Texas as of 2015, have eliminated the possibility of getting hacked by connecting voting machines to closed systems of modems where it would be easy to detect, deter and eliminate hack attempts. Another positive is that voting machines may help physically or mentally disabled people vote independently. Because machines could be programmed with audio functionality, a blind person could vote without the assistance of a person who might be politically motivated to select a candidate against the voter's wish.

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