What Are the Pros and Cons of Military Drafts?


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Some pros of a military draft include a strong national security force, reduced unemployment, increased character and diversity in society, and reduced government budgets for military recruitment. Some cons of a military draft include increased government cost for training of larger groups of people, young recruits often losing parts of their youth in military service, recruits with families sometimes leaving their families behind, and the amount of training of a drafted soldier is often less than a professional soldier.

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Another pro of having a military draft is that the country has plenty of soldiers in the event that there is an outbreak of war. Also, a draft enforces equality of the nation's citizens because it randomizes the selection of recruits and includes people from all walks of life. Along with this, a draft advocates the sacrifices military people make to defend their country, giving citizens a chance to have a better understanding of the need for a military and what military people's lives are like while in service.

Conversely, a draft takes away people's right to chose; their free will is compromised. People who are recruited have to put their lives on hold, including having or raising families, completing their education, furthering their careers and completing life goals.

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