What are pros and cons of the military draft?


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Drafts give the military troops who can fight in war and perform other needed roles, which helps the military fight and win; however, it also puts people at risk. In addition, drafts often lead to widespread protests.

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What are pros and cons of the military draft?
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In times of war, the side that has more troops has a significant advantage. While automation has made technology more important over the years, having more soldiers gives one side a significant advantage. Drafts allow a military to get the troops needed to continue fighting if their losses have been heavy. If one side has a draft, the other side might be forced to follow suit.

Military drafts demonstrate a commitment to keep fighting, which may make it more difficult to reach a peaceful resolution. In addition, they put more people at risk, and there is a strong moral component as well. Voluntary service only puts people who sign up at risk; drafts put everyone who is selected at risk.

Drafts can also be dangerous to the governments that implement them. Protests are likely to intensify as young people who do not want to fight may be required to do so, and popular resistance to a war can grow as a result. Before implementing a draft, governments need to ensure that they have enough popular support.

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