What Are the Pros and Cons of Emigrating to the United States of America?

Some pros to emigrating into the United States include that it can be an escape from persecution due to membership in a particular group, a way to escape conflict or violence, a means to access superior health care, a path to leave poverty, and a way to offer more opportunities for children, explains Global Citizen. On the other hand, emigrating to the United States is a difficult, confusing process, according to Cracked. Immigrants also encounter many cultural differences, notes Thrillist.

In many countries, people face persecution based on religion, race, nationality or involvement in specific social or political groups, Global Citizen reports. Such people can seek asylum or refugee status in the United States if a reasonable concern for safety exists. While U.S. laws do not protect everyone in all instances, the civil liberties granted to citizens are far more inclusive than in many parts of the world.

To enter the United States, however, an individual faces a series of challenges and fees, notes Cracked. The time involved in emigrating is extensive, and the many requirements include providing fingerprints, undergoing a comprehensive medical exam, and giving an interview at the American embassy in a person's homeland. Once in the country, it can be difficult to access certain privileges, such as opening a bank account or obtaining a job.