What Are Some Pros and Cons of the Affordable Care Act?


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The Affordable Care Act has brought about lower-priced health care as well as some employees losing access to their company-sponsored health care, according to About.com. Access to Medicaid and not losing primary insurance due to illness are other things to consider.

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A major benefit to the Affordable Care Act is that it provides affordable health care to anyone that doesn't get insurance through other means, according to About.com. Before this act was in place, people without insurance through employers or schools needed to purchase expensive private insurance plans. Now, uninsured families, employers and self-employed individuals have easy access to health care. Another big benefit is the fact that insurance companies can't deny coverage if someone has pre-existing conditions. They also can't raise their premium due to a serious illness.

On the downside, some people still face higher costs, notes NerdWallet. Some private health insurance plans changed after the Affordable Care Act was put into place. People with these plans ended up paying a higher premium. There are also fewer health care providers under each network. People find that there are far less options for in-network coverage. Some states have also chosen not to continue with the Medicaid expansion that was proposed by the Affordable Care Act.

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