What Are Property Zoning Codes?


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Property zoning laws control the use of land, according to About.com. This includes regulating what property owners can build on the property and how they can use those structures.

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The type of control that property zoning laws can have on a piece of property include the size of lots for proposed subdivisions; the type of structures that go on those lots, such as a commercial structure or a residential structure; the use of the land, whether industrial or agricultural; the external appearance and style of the structures erected; and the density of the property, explains About.com. Zoning property codes can also control how many structures or units can exist in a given area and regulate setbacks, or how far apart the structures must be from the property line. Zoning codes are usually quite strict, but they need to be somewhat flexible to allow for any change in community dynamics.

When property owners want to do something to their property that is against the current zoning code, they can seek to obtain a use permit, reports About.com. If property owners are already in violation of a current zoning law, they can apply for a variance, which can allow the property owner to continue to use the property even though it violates the current zoning code.

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