What Is the Property Registry of Manitoba?


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The Property Registry of Manitoba is a company that keeps all land ownership records and survey plans for the Province of Manitoba. Its two divisions are the Land Titles Office and Personal Property Registry. While the company is not a government agency, it has operated the property registry for the province since the government of Manitoba privatized it in 2012.

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Responsibilities of the Personal Property Registry include providing public notices of liens against personal property that is a moveable good or possession. This does not include land and buildings. Records of this and all other personal property, which is typically used as collateral for loans, are kept within the registry. These records are available to businesses and individuals interested in purchasing personal property or accepting it as loan collateral.

In addition to maintaining legal written and drawn property descriptions of all land in Manitoba, the Land Titles Office also keeps documents of land ownership transfers, liens, mortgages and discharges. Those searching records have access to plans of subdivisions and surveys, as well as land titles and leases.

As of 2015, The Property Registry of Manitoba is owned by Toronto-based Teranet, which also operates a property search and registration website for the Province of Ontario.

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