What are the proper ways to serve a subpoena?


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To serve a subpoena, send a person who is at least 18 years old and who is not party to the lawsuit to personally hand the witness a copy of the subpoena. A plaintiff or defendant cannot serve the subpoena himself but can use an adult family member or friend, a sheriff, or a professional process server. The party serving the subpoena must fill and sign a document detailing the service rendered, states Washington Law Help.

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Professional process servers and sheriffs may charge a fee for serving subpoenas. Any person serving the subpoena must personally hand a copy of the document to the witness or leave the document at the place of residence of the witness. In the second instance, the serving party must leave the subpoena with an adult who lives in the residence of the witness, advises Washington Law Help.

Before sending the subpoena, a person should make and retain a copy of the document. By law, a person issuing a subpoena to a witness living outside the county or more than 20 miles from the trial venue must pay extra fees to cater for the travel, lodging and traveling expenses of the witness, claims Washington Law Help.

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