What Are Some Programs for People With Disabilities?

Some programs for people with disabilities include government-sponsored cash benefits, housing vouchers, and home energy and utility assistance grants. Private companies also offer disabled customers special programs and discounts, including access to low-cost technology and discount prescription drugs.

Two of the biggest programs that the U.S. government uses to help people with disabilities are the Social Security Disability program and the Supplemental Security Income program. The Social Security Disability program pays benefits to people who worked for a certain period of time prior to becoming disabled. Supplemental Security Income pays benefits depending on the recipient's financial need. To qualify, a person's health deficits must meet the government definition of a disability.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, offers low-income people and families debit cards to use to buy food. Many private charities also offer food banks and holiday food drives to provide food directly to the disabled and other needy.

Private community action agencies help disabled community members with basic needs such as housing and food. They also address long-term rehabilitation programs such as job training, accommodation plans for disabled individuals to enter the workforce, and educational programming to teach disabled individuals new skills. Many American communities also sponsor a commission or council to address the needs of aging adults, many of whom suffer from disabilities.