What Programs Are Available for Writing Letters to Soldiers?


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There are several programs available for people who want to write to soldiers who may not have family to write to them, such as the Adopt A US Soldier program, Soldiers' Angels or Forgotten Soldier Outreach programs. These programs allow soldiers to be either adopted or just written to while they are deployed overseas. Many of America's soldiers do not get mail from home for various reasons and having their name called at mail call can be a welcome morale booster for them during stressful times.

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Different programs offer distinct platforms for sending letters and packages. Some programs, such as the Forgotten Soldier Outreach, allow civilians to type their letters in a form on the website, after which the site will print out the letters to be sent to the soldiers. Other programs allow civilians to sign up and receive the mailing addresses for the bases at which different soldiers are stationed so that users can mail physical letters or packages.

Other programs take things a step further, they accept donations so that the program can send care packages with things the soldiers can't get wherever they are stationed. These packages can include sweets, shampoo, deodorant and socks. During the holidays, these programs send out thousands of Christmas and holiday cards to the soldiers who can't be at home for the holidays.

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