What Programs Are Available for Veterans With PTSD?


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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides a number of programs for veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, including Specialized Outpatient PTSD Programs and Specialized Intensive PTSD Programs, which take place in a residential setting. Walk-in clinics are available in some areas as well.

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At the V.A.'s PTSD outpatient clinics, PTSD clinical teams provide veterans with one-on-one or group counseling on a regular basis while they live at home. Additionally, non-residential day-hospitals provide veterans who require more intensive treatment care for up to eight hours a day. Veterans attend the day-hospital either daily or several days each week, depending on their individual needs.

The V.A. provides residential treatment facilities for veterans who need more intensive counseling or assistance with housing, recreation or employment. In most locations, these facilities provide specialized treatment programs for veterans with co-occurring substance abuse issues and those who experienced sexual assault while in the military. Other programs designed especially for female veterans and veterans who identify as gay, lesbian or transgender are available in some locations as well.

Several charitable organizations also provide help to veterans who are experiencing symptoms of PTSD. The Wounded Warrior Project provides family support and a number of other resources, including a combat stress recovery program, to veterans who were deployed after September 11, 2001. Another non-profit, Warriors & Quiet Waters, focuses on helping veterans with traumatic injuries and PTSD heal through recreational fly-fishing, skiing and horseback riding in the mountains of Montana.

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