How Do You Procure a Copy of the Driver's License Handbook?


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Most states have copies of their driver's license handbooks available online or at the local state DMV office, according to DMV.org. States offer manuals for standard driver's licenses, commercial licenses and motorcycle licenses.

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Each state has information in its manual about traffic laws and regulations pertaining to motor vehicles, reports DMV.org. Along with the rules of the road, the manuals contain other helpful information such as safety tips, instructions on how to read and understand traffic signals, license application procedures, non-resident driving regulations and advice on how to handle emergency situations. Driver's license handbooks are published for new drivers to review information before taking written and skills exams and for experienced drivers to use as helpful reminders of regulations and driving tips. If a driver has recently moved to a new state, driver's manuals detail regulations specific to that state.

Along with regular driver's manuals, manuals for motorcycle and commercial driver's licenses are available from each specific state, explains DMV.org. Topics in the commercial driver's manual cover such issues as transporting hazardous materials, towing trailers, carrying passengers safely and driving combination vehicles. Topics in the motorcycle driver's manual include choosing the right gear, riding in groups safely and how to apply for a motorcycle license. Some states also offer specialty manuals, such as for teen drivers.

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