What Is the Process for Sending Letters to Soldiers in Basic Training?

The simplest way to send a letter to a soldier in basic training is to mail the letter to the soldier's unit, specifying his name and rank in the address line. Soldiers in basic training are not allowed access to email or cell phones, so sending a letter in the mail is often the best way to contact the soldier. If the soldier has not provided his new mailing address, his unit may be able to provide it.

Specific instructions for sending letters to new soldiers are usually available on the unit's webpage. Some units also have Facebook pages that provide information on how to send letters to their personnel and may also have pictures or stories about their soldiers. These pages may also include information on when soldiers will receive their mail or when they will be able to write letters of their own.

Keep the envelope and the letter simple. Care packages containing food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, weapons, electronic devices or other prohibited items are generally not allowed. Sending pictures, newspaper clippings, or musical greeting cards is not prohibited, but may result in the soldier being required to do extra push-ups depending on the unit. Most soldiers enjoy hearing updates on their favorite sports team, stories about the friends, family, and pets they left at home and words of encouragement.