What Is the Process for Renewing SNAP Food Stamps?

A beneficiary can renew SNAP food stamp benefits by obtaining a recertification form and completing an interview with a case worker. This process usually takes place every six months.

The process begins four to six weeks prior to the expiration of the current SNAP food stamp eligibility period. At this time, the beneficiary receives a recertification form in the mail, which asks the beneficiary to confirm personal details, such as current address and Social Security number, and list any changes within the household during the previous six months. Changes may include people moving into or out of the home, an increase or decrease in income, or a change in employment status. The beneficiary must return the form to a local Social Services office.

After the office has a chance to review the form, a case worker calls the beneficiary to conduct a phone interview. During the interview, the case worker going over the information on the recertification form with the beneficiary to confirm the changes listed. After this interview, the beneficiary receives a letter in the mail that reports a continuance or termination of SNAP food stamp benefits. If approved, the letter states how much in benefits the household gets each month and when to expect the next recertification.