What Is the Process for Having Your Fingerprints Taken in Florida?


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In Florida, an applicant for a concealed weapons must visit a law enforcement agency and have fingerprints taken using an electronic fingerprints device, as of 2015. The fingerprinting procedure varies based on the organization requiring the fingerprints.

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Most country sheriff offices in Florida have at least one electronic fingerprinting device. Applicants should call the office in advance to verify that it has one of these devices and to schedule an appointment if necessary. A fingerprint technician uses the device to take the applicant's fingerprints. The applicant receives a receipt and a photocopy of the fingerprints. The office submits the fingerprints electronically for the applicant.

Some organizations require the applicant to use a specific company when having fingerprints taken. For example, Florida's Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services requires applicants to go to MorphoTrust USA for fingerprinting. Prospective teachers at nonpublic Florida schools must have fingerprinting done at a Livescan Service Provider.

Other organizations handle fingerprinting themselves. Florida's traditional and charter public schools take fingerprints through each school district's personnel office.

Organizations typically fingerprint applicants to check their records for any criminal offenses. If the fingerprinting reveals any offenses, the organization reviews or denies the applications. Fees for fingerprinting vary, and either the applicant or the organization pays the fee.

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