What Is the Process for Getting a Marriage Annulled?


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In the United States, there have to be valid grounds for getting a marriage legally annulled, and the annulment process must be started by a certain time as dictated by state law and the type of marriage concerned, states U.S. Marriage Laws. Some of the valid grounds for requesting an annulment include mental illness, bigamy, fraud, forced consent and inability to physically consummate a marriage.

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What Is the Process for Getting a Marriage Annulled?
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Either spouse may apply to the court for an annulment as long as proof of the claim exists, according to U.S. Marriage Laws. If a spouse can be proven to have been mentally incompetent at the time of the marriage, the person could have not have granted legal consent, and this is valid grounds for the annulment to proceed. Other valid grounds might consist of proof of a previous marriage or that one person agreed to the marriage based on fraudulent claims or activities by the other party. Further valid grounds include if one of the spouses was not of the age of consent and did not have previous parental or court approval.

If the marriage is one that is prohibited by law because of the previous relationship of the spouses, then it could also be legally annulled, explains U.S. Marriage Laws. Such circumstances usually occur when the parties of the marriage share a close familial relation. Finally, a marriage can also be annulled if the couple cannot physically consummate the marriage for whatever reason.

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