What Is the Process for Getting a Job Permit for a Minor?


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The federal government does not require minors to provide special documents to be employed; however, some states require work permits for minors, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. California requires an authorized party at the minor's school to submit a work permit request, states the California Department of Industrial Relations.

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The California Department of Industrial Relations provides schools with a Division of Labor standards booklet that contains forms for requesting a work permit. An authorized party, such as a school superintendent, supplies the minor and employer with a specific Department of Education form. The minor and employer must fill out the form, and the minor's guardian must sign it. Once completed, a minor must return the form to the school, and the school issues the work permit, according to the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Some states, such as Missouri, do not allow minors under the age of 14 to work jobs outside of entertainment or casual fields, as of 2015. Missouri requires work certificates that are issued by an authorized party of the child's school, or parent if home-schooled, to be obtained by minors ages 14 and 15. Paperwork needed to obtain this certificate includes a statement of intention to employ from the employer, signatures from the minor's parents or guardian, and a proof-of-age document, such as a birth certificate. The school issues the work permit, states the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.

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