What Is the Process for Finding a Phone Number's Area Code?


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The area code of a phone number is the first three digits of a standard 10-digit phone number. Those location for those digits can then be looked up on various websites, such as AllAreaCodes.com. Area codes differ within states and even within individual cities.

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The area code helps to route the phone call to the correct geographic location. Area code look-up services can also give information such as time zones, city and state, and maps. Area code maps can help to show how area codes differ within certain regions, such as in large metropolitan areas. They also offer services such as international dialing codes and area codes for neighboring countries, such as Canada. These websites can show all the area codes for a specific city, or can reveal regions according to the starting numbers, such as showing all area codes in the 200s or 300s.

Websites such as AllAreaCodes.com can also provide links to services that reveal the owner's name and address. This allows users to compare the prices of services offering more detailed information, such as the owner's current and historical locations, age and relatives. They also reveal the availability of various businesses and various services within specific area codes.

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