What Is the Process for Canadian Passport Renewal?


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For Canadians living in Canada, the Canadian passport renewal process involves filling out the Adult Simplified Renewal Passport Application available online at Passport Canada and submitting all necessary requirements, according to the official website. A person should submit the application either through the mail or in person at a Passport Canada office.

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All pages of the Adult Simplified Renewal Passport Application should be fully completed and signed, states Passport Canada. It is important to prepare two identical passport pictures. The date the photographs were taken, as well as the photographer’s name and address, should be written on the back of each one.

The renewal application should include payment for fees, says Passport Canada. As of 2015, anyone who has travel plans within 20 business days following the application are advised to visit a Passport Canada office and pay for expedite processing.

Individuals who are eligible for an adult passport renewal are those with a recent Canadian passport that is either presently valid or has been expired for less than a year, according to Passport Canada. The name on the passport and on the person’s existing application should be the same, and the passport must have been issued with a validity of either 5 or 10 years. It should also not show signs of damage. The passport renewal applicant should have been age 16 years old or above during the former application. Passports that have been reported stolen or lost cannot be renewed.

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