What Is the Process to Apply for Canadian Citizenship?

Many applicants apply for Canadian citizenship every year. There are special requirements for obtaining Canadian citizenship, including those related to residency, language and knowledge of the country.

Many people head to Canada to seek a better life for themselves and their families. To become a Canadian citizen; one must apply and follow requirements in this process. The citizen requirements changed in the summer of 2017, and may change at any time. When considering citizenship, it is important to become familiar withthe process of becoming a Canadian citizen.

Residency Requirements
Anyone who wants to apply for Canadian citizenship must be present in the country for three of the last five years before their application. This is to make sure that applicants have a strong sense of attachment to Canada. This means that the applicant must be physically present in Canada for a continuous 1,095 days before he or she applies. Applicants may use the time spent as a temporary resident to count towards the 1,095 days. Even protected persons can use their time spent in Canada to count toward the 1,095 days. Temporary residence status includes staying in Canada as a student, visitor or worker.

Language Requirements
There are language requirements for applying for citizenship. Canadian citizenship applicants must demonstrate that they are knowledgeable in either English or French. Applicants who are younger than age 18 or older than age 55 do not have to comply with the language requirement. Applicants must be able to take part in everyday conversations. They need to be able to understand simple directions, questions and instructions. Applicants need to demonstrate their understanding of grammar and simple sentence structures. The Canadian citizen staff will determine whether or not the applicant understands English or French at the time of the citizenship interview.

Permanent Resident Status
Applicants need to achieve permanent residence and have paid taxes for three of the past five years. All income taxes must have been fully paid before applying for citizenship. Applicants cannot be under review for fraud or immigration reasons. They must not have any unfulfilled conditions that are related to their permanent resident status. Permanent residents who want to apply for Canadian citizenship must not have any type of removal order on their status. This means that they cannot be currently in the process of deportation. Applicants do not need to have a valid permanent resident card to apply for citizenship. Even if the permanent resident card is expired, they can still apply for Canadian citizenship.

Knowledge of Canada
Applicants for Canadian citizenship must demonstrate that they know about Canada. This means that they need to know about Canada's institutions, history, values and symbols. They need to demonstrate a competency of Canada's privileges, responsibilities rights of citizenship, such as obeying the Canadian law and voting in elections. Applicants will be given a test in either English or French to test their knowledge of Canada. These tests are based on an available study guide and are written. Applicants who need an oral test can speak to the citizenship officer. Applicants who need other accommodations before the test should contact the citizenship office.