What Is the Process for Appealing a Child Support Decision?


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The process for appealing a child support decision involves filing a Notice of Appeal, transcripts of the lower court hearing, and a written brief of the appeal with an appellate court, according to LegalZoom. Although the process may be slow, convincing the court of the urgency of the matter may help to speed up the process. However, the court reserves the discretion to grant or deny the request to speed up the process.

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The Notice of Appeal contains details of the case that the appellate court should know, states LegalZoom. For the appeal to be valid, the appealing party must submit the notice within a specific time frame following the decision of the lower court. Generally, the time frame for appealing the decision ranges from 30 to 60 days. The party must also send a copy of the notice to the other party and retain another copy for his records. Filing of the hearing transcripts and the brief, which contains an explanation of why the appeal is necessary, follow the notice.

Upon receipt of the Notice of Appeal, hearing transcripts and the brief, the court schedules the appeal hearing in which both parties to the case present their arguments, notes LegalZoom. After the hearing, the court rules on the case. In the ruling, the court may uphold the decision of the lower court, reverse the decision, or allow a new trial.

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