What Is the Process for an Absentee Vote?


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Absentee voting is available to all registered voters. The process is done in three stages that entail applying for the absentee vote, requesting for delivery of the vote and then returning the absentee vote itself.

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There are various reasons that may enable a registered voter to submit an absentee vote; for example, if one is above the age of 60, unable to vote without assistance at the polls, expecting to be out of town on the election day, in jail awaiting trial, appointed to work as an election inspector in a precinct outside the precinct of residence or if one is unable to attend due to religious reasons.

In the event that a registered voter wishes to vote by the process of an absentee vote, he should submit an application letter to the county elections official between 29 and seven days before the election takes place.

Once the application is processed, the proper ballot type is sent to the applicant. The applicant then votes and completes the required information. The vote is inserted in the provided envelope and put in another envelope for better delivery. The envelope is delivered to the polling station on Election Day before the polls close.

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