What Is the Procedure for Transferring a Probation to a Different County?

Each state has its own rules regarding intrastate probation transfers, which involve the transfer of probation from one county to another. For example, procedures in Oneida County, N.Y., require the offender to receive permission from an assigned probation officer. Parolees would learn more specifics about the procedure during a case review.

Certain states, such as Indiana, have put intrastate probation transfer guidelines in place to better protect the public. As noted in the Indiana Court Times, the state Supreme Court and Judicial Counsel added provisions to strengthen the transfer protocol. Indiana parolees are required to pay a transfer fee to the court. In addition, receiving jurisdictions were given the authority to hold revocation and other hearings, which gives these courts more supervisory control.

As noted by the Indiana Court Times, a request for probation transfer goes through the sentencing court. This court can refuse to transfer probation supervision to another court district. Likewise, the court in the receiver district is not required to accept responsibility for an offender. Should the transfer be granted, the parolee agrees to obey the rules and requirements of the receiver court.

Another consideration raised by the Oneida County website is that offenders may need to show the court that they have a compelling reason to leave the county in which the crime was committed.