What Is a Probation Warrant?

A probation warrant is a warrant for arrest when an individual under probation violates the rules of his probation, according to the Nashville Criminal Lawyer Blog. A probation violation can be as simple as missing a meeting or failing a drug test.

The probation officer files a probation violation warrant to a judge for review when the rules of probation are broken. If the judge approves the warrant, the warrant is issued for the arrest of the violator, as stated by the Nashville Criminal Lawyer Blog.

The punishment for a probation violation differs from state to state, and it depends on the crime committed, reports the Arnold Law Firm. It is recommended to continue adhering to the rules of probation, such as showing up for scheduled appointments, counseling sessions and paying any fines, explains the Nashville Criminal Lawyer Blog.

It is recommended to seek legal counsel immediately as there is no jury trial for a probation violation, as described by the Arnold Law Firm. An individual who breaks the rules of his probation faces the possibility of a judge enforcing the maximum fine or jail sentence allowed for his particular crime, including another probationary period after any jail time is served.