What Are Some Private Military Companies in the United States?


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Private military companies in the United States include ACADEMI, DynCorp, GK Sierra and KBR. The prevalence of governments contracting security services from private military companies has rapidly risen in the 21st century. In the 1990s, the ratio of military personnel to private contractors was 50 to 1; as of 2015, the ratio is approximately 10 to 1.

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ACADEMI, formerly known as Blackwater and established in 2000, had extensive involvement in the Iraq War. In 2009, Blackwater founder Erik Prince stepped down, and the company rebranded itself as Xe Services and then as ACADEMI. As of 2015, the company is a provider of security consulting, security training, intelligence analysis, logistics and security services.

DynCorp International, first established in 1951 as Land-Air Inc, took the name DynCorp in 1987. The company provides a wide variety of services including expertise in aviation services, logistics, intelligence and security operations. DynCorp also provides foreign law enforcement training and personal security worldwide.

GK Sierra, founded in 2007 as a provider of secure communication technologies for the U.S. government, started offering additional investigation and intelligence services in 2009, becoming an intelligence gatherer for the CIA. The company also specializes in digital forensics, encryption technology and direct action operations.

KBR is a private military, engineering and construction company located in Houston, Texas. Formed in 1998 when the British firm Halliburton reduced its empire, KBR currently has a presence of approximately 14,000 contractors in Iraq.

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