How Do You Find Help for Prisoners?


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Finding help for prisoners requires researching companies and organizations that have programs designed to assist prisoners with rehabilitation. Prisoner Assistant and Prisoner Assistance Scholastic Service are two companies that provide educational and social tools for prisoners and those who wish to help someone incarcerated. Supporters of prisoners can also contact the prison and inquire about rehabilitation programs supported by the facility. Some prisons allow inmates to pursue college degrees. State social service agencies can recommend local ex-offender programs.

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Prisoner Assistant offers its Helping Hand Reentry program to prison inmates and supporters who want to begin the reentry process before the prisoner's release date. Supporters can open Prisoner Assistant accounts and customize rehabilitation program packages. Using the company's tools, supporters can open bank accounts for prisoners, establish good credit history and prepare job resumes. In addition, prisoners can establish contact emails and phone numbers and get help with business start-up ideas.

Prisoner Assistance Scholarship Service offers study courses aimed at preparing prisoners for parole. Courses include anger management, addiction and substance abuse, gang diversion and living with purpose. Prisoners can seek help within the prison facility and inquire about educational programs similar to the Prison University Project at San Quentin Prison.

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