How Do You Print Free Divorce Papers?


Free divorce papers are usually available at state legal aid websites, and these interactive forms are available to low-income individuals, as explained by Legal Aid Network of Kentucky. A free divorce settlement agreement is available for printing at RocketLawyer's website contingent upon acceptance of a free trial offer.

Legal aid programs in states such as Kentucky provide divorce forms for couples with no children; these forms are appropriate for couples who are not likely to experience complex issues related to the divorce, as stated by Legal Aid Network of Kentucky. Individuals using this self-help program must do all the work of processing the divorce, and legal representation is forfeited. After completing and printing the online divorce forms, they must be filed at a court within the state's legal jurisdiction. Alternatively, the basic divorce settlement agreement found at the website of RocketLawyer is designed to be completed by both marriage partners. The agreement document is appropriate for couples who agree on issues like child custody, property division and debt.

A divorce settlement agreement can be used to settle a divorce more quickly, but it is not an actual divorce agreement, according to Nolo. Nolo advises hiring an attorney to prepare or review a divorce agreement to avoid problems.