What Are the Primary Beliefs of the Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party believes that America does best as a country when each individual American does well, with everyone pulling their own weight, playing by the same rules and having equal access to education, training and advancement, as of November 2015. The Democratic Party focuses on issues such as education, health care, clean energy, job creation and equal pay.

The Democratic Party is run by the Democratic National Committee and has been since 1848. It is the oldest political party continually operating in the United States. The values of the Democratic Party have changed a lot since 1848. Running up to the Civil War, America’s Democrats favored slavery, but in modern times, the Democratic Party counts African-Americans among its key base of voters.

The Civil War Democrats favored slavery more for economic reasons than racism or hatred. The southern Democrats of the time owned many plantations and tobacco farms, so they fought hard for slavery to maintain a source of cheap labor. The southern Democrats ultimately lost that fight.

The 21st-century Democratic Party believes in equality, fights for education, supports freedom of speech, advocates for clean environment and supports technology innovation and development. In addition the Democratic Party wants fair taxes for everyone so that every person and business pays their fair share.