How Prevalent Is White Collar Crime?


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Studies have shown that, as of 2010, around 17 percent of individuals and 24 percent of households experienced some form of white collar crime. Companies and organizations are also victims. White collar crimes cost the United States an estimated $300 billion per year.

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White collar crimes are very difficult to quantify due to the different and quickly changing subtypes of white collar crime and the scarcity of data. Due to the nature of the crimes, most victims are unaware that they are being victimized. Only 11.7 percent of households that are victims report white collar crimes to law enforcement agencies. Companies are much less likely to report these crimes to outside parties, law enforcement or otherwise. Studies are usually confined to information collected by accessing crime reports, arrests and prosecution charges. Of the known infractions, unnecessary repairs, credit card fraud and price misrepresentation are the most prevalent forms of white collar crime.

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