In Which Presidential Campaign Did the Populists First Appear?

The Populist Party, also known as the People's Party, first nominated a presidential candidate in the election of 1892. The candidate, James G. Weaver, won more than a million votes and carried Colorado, Kansas, Idaho and Nevada.

The Populist Party began as a movement among farmers suffering financially from falling crop prices and exorbitant railroad shipping rates. Groups like the National Farmers' Alliance, the Colored Farmers' Alliance and the Grange came together in dissatisfaction with the traditional two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, to form a new party. The Populist Party also ran candidates in the 1896, 1900, 1904 and 1908 elections. Though the party's nominees never won the presidency, the party did move the Democratic Party further to the left and elected several U.S. representatives, senators and governors, as well as many local officials.