Why Is the President an Important Person?

president-important-person Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Although the U.S government is divided into three branches, the president is considered the figurehead of the nation and the leader of the free world. This is due in part to the powers of the president and in part to the global role of the United States. The president has the ability to veto laws made by Congress and can issue executive orders. The president also commands the military, which is significant because the U.S. military is one of the strongest and most powerful in the world.

The president is also a central figure in forging international relations. The United States is a highly developed nation with extensive international relations. This makes the president one of the most crucial figures in keeping the peace. Although the judicial and legislative branches of the government have assigned powers as well, they are comprised of many people working together, which limits the power of any one individual. As the single person in the nation with the most power, the president has a great deal of importance.