How Do You Prepare for Small Claims Court in Houston?


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Prepare for small claims court by gathering the necessary information or supporting documentation that assists with the case. Many variables exist depending if one is the plaintiff or defendant in the case. Ensure that the court’s original paperwork for filing is available for both the plaintiff and the defendant, states the Harris County Justice of the Peace Courts.

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Preparing for a small claims case depends on how the case proceeds. The small claims process is very informal, and it is designed for people to file their issues without the use of an attorney. Cases usually last for 15 to 20 minutes; however, a full jury trial can last several hours, reports smallclaimscourthouse.com. If an individual wants to ask the other party for information or discovery, the court must grant permission. If the other party fails to respond to such a request, they are subject to sanctions from the court. If there are no genuinely disputed facts to the case, ask for summary judgment through the motion process. If successful in the summary judgment, ask the court for a judgment. After receiving judgment, one can then execute and proceed to collecting any monies. Any other issues or requests that occur must be in writing. Any document that is filed with the court must be served upon all parties of the case. If there isn't sufficient time to prepare a case, ask the court for a continuance for a future trial date.

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