How Do You Prepare for an INS Marriage Interview?


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Couples can prepare for a marriage interview with U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services, known as U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services since 2003, by meticulously going over together all their answers in documents they have already submitted, reports Nolo. They should also review details of their relationship and domestic life. When they come to the interview, they should dress conservatively and bring all the documents listed on their appointment notice.

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Already submitted documents contain information on finances, immigration history and travel that officials expect to be consistent with couples' interview answers, according to Nolo. Additionally, officials may quiz couples on intimate details of their relationship such as where they met, how they dated, the length of their courtship and their parents' reactions to the relationship. They may also ask questions about where they held the wedding, the number of guests, the entertainment, the refreshments and the subsequent honeymoon. Additionally, officials may inquire about household details such as the couple's normal routines, the home layout and furnishings, and who does the cooking and other chores. Although couples at interviews may not remember every detail of their shared history, they should test each other to be as prepared as possible.

Officials at USCIS marriage interviews look for inconsistencies in answers to find out if couples are in genuine relationships or fraudulently together only to obtain green cards, explains Nolo. If officials become suspicious, they may require couples to undergo fraud interviews, in which USCIS places the members of the couple in separate rooms and asks them a series of identical questions to find out if their answers match.

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