How Do You Prepare a Character Reference Letter for Immigration?

When writing a character letter for immigration, include an introduction of how you are associated with the subject and provide specific examples of moral character in the correspondence, recommends Golden Gate Immigration from The Law Offices of F. Russell Wilson. Detail specific dates and locations of events and actions related to the person's character.

Address the letter to the immigration agency and detail how the subject is known , according to Golden Gate Immigration. For example, if the writer worked with the individual applying for immigration status, note the name of the company, the date of the first introduction, the type of relationship with the subject and positive traits seen within that first meeting. Provide specific examples of positive personality traits such as a willingness to work as a team, friendly encounters and dedication and motivation displayed.

If knowledge of the applicant's romantic status or relationship is known, detail observations of the relationship, such as how the couple met, interactions between the two and recognition of admiration and love between the couple, explains Golden Gate Immigration. The letter can be typed or handwritten but should not exceed two pages. Typed letters from business associates or employers on company letterhead show authenticity.