How Do You Practice for a Permit Test in Spanish?


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Practice tests in Spanish for driver permits are available for many states at DriverKnowledge.com. Several states also provide online Spanish versions of driver license manuals and permit practice tests, such as the Arizona Department of Transportation and the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Go to DriverKnowledge.com, and select the Español link at the top of the page. Click on the Inicie button, then choose the appropriate state to access practice tests. Information on how to obtain a driver license is also available in the Spanish language section of the website.

Access the Arizona DOT main website, and select the Motor Vehicles tab. Click on Tests and Manuals under the Driver Services category. Spanish language options are available by then clicking on the tabs for either Manuals or Practice Tests.

Select the Driver License tab on the California DMV website. Choose DMV Publications under the Main Categories menu. Driver's license manuals are available in several languages, including Spanish. Locate practice permit tests in Spanish by clicking Written Test under the Main Categories menu on the DMV Publications page. Next, click on the Sample Driver License Knowledge Test link. Access several practice permit tests in Spanish from the links. The entire California DMV website is available in Spanish by clicking on the Español link at the top of the page.

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