How Do You Practice Fire Drill Procedures?


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Practicing the procedures used in a fire drill may involve the activation and recognition of smoke detectors and alarm systems, having groups of occupants exit the premises and gather at preset staging areas, as well as learning how to locate emergency equipment on-site and check doors for heat. These procedures typically involve providing evacuation plan details to all occupants, developing and practicing multiple scenarios, and holding periodic drills to ensure occupants are familiar with the evacuation warnings and safety procedures.

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Businesses should have an initial training period with drills held every two weeks to ensure all employees and associates are fully trained with procedures. After this period, holding drills every three months is usually sufficient to provide enough practice. Assembly drills may be practiced either independently or simultaneously with fire drills.

Home fire drills may involve practicing primary and secondary evacuation plans, inspecting door locks and window latches to ensure proper operation and ensuring all exit paths are free of obstacles and obstructions. Changing the batteries and smoke detectors and ensuring house numbers are clearly posted are other activities commonly performed as part of a home fire drill. Practice home fire drills frequently to ensure household occupants are properly prepared for a real fire or other home emergency.

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