What Are Some Postal Codes for Quebec Province in Canada?

What Are Some Postal Codes for Quebec Province in Canada?

Some of Quebec's postal codes include G5H (Mont Joli), H7A (Duvernay Est), H7C (Saint Vincent de Paul), H7E (Duvernay), H7G (Pont Viau) and H7J (Auteuil Northeast). Additional Quebec postal codes include H9X (Sainte Anne De Bellevue), H8P (LaSalle Southeast), G8T (Cap de la Madeleine) and H8N (LaSalle Northwest).

The Canadian province of Quebec has 200 postal codes. These postal codes are alphanumeric. Canada's postal codes are made up of three main characters that indicate the forward sortation area, and an additional three characters that determine the local delivery unit within a specific municipality.

The first character of the postal code pertains to the province's postal district. Quebec, due to its large population, has three postal districts: G (Eastern Quebec), H (Metropolitan Montreal) and J (Western and Northern Quebec).

The second and third characters narrow down the recipient's address to particular cities or neighborhoods. For example, postal code G3A pertains to the city of Saint Augustin de Desmaures (3A) within the postal district of East Quebec (G).

The second set of characters in a six-digit postal code allows the postal service to identify the specific municipality. For example, G0A1A0 refers to G (Easten Quebec), 0A (Capitale Nationale), 1A0 (Sainte Christine d'Auvergne).