What Are Some Positive Aspects of Democracy?

Some positive aspects of democracy are its inclusion of diverse perspectives, its beneficial effects on citizens' character and the stability that it provides to government. As stated by the U.S. Department of State, these positive aspects allow democratically governed nations to better secure peace, expand markets, promote economic development, prevent international crime, uphold human rights, protect the global environment and protect human health.

The philosopher John Stuart Mill pointed out that one of the greatest benefits of democracy was its inclusion of all people in the decision-making process. This forces elected leaders to take the opinions of all citizens into account. Additionally, the increased number of perspectives provides more solutions to national problems, allowing leaders to select the optimal path.

Democracy also benefits a citizen's character. It encourages her to stand up and give her opinion, leading to self-confidence and a feeling of civic involvement. Additionally, the pressure to contribute to the democratic discussion encourages her to listen to differing points of view and rationally support her own perspective, leading to enhanced knowledge and reasoning skills.

Democracy also provides stability to the government. When people are able to voice their opinions in elections, they often feel more satisfied with the results even when their candidates or policies lose. Because all citizens in a democracy are free and their votes are politically equal, they can continue to participate in the system without fear of physical harm or death.