What Are Some Popular Poll Questions?


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Popular election poll questions include those relating to party identification and past voting behavior, states Pew Research Center. Poll questions try to determine how a person will vote and how undecided voters come to a decision between candidates and issues.

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Several agencies use poll questions during election years as well as in off years. These questions revolve around a voter's voting habits, party affiliation and recent events and their impact on voting, notes Pew Research.

Examples of questions used before the 2012 include, "Are you absolutely certain that you are registered to vote at your current address" and "How much thought have you given to Tuesday's presidential election?" Some questions only apply to particular voters, such as those registered to vote in another state.

Like Pew Research, Gallup also conducts poll surveys in an attempt to predict the winners of various elections. Pew Research develops different sets of questions, depending on the election. These questions help to determine how often a person votes, which may determine how likely a person is to vote in the current election. Organization use poll for both local and national elections, according to Pew Research Center. Agencies typically use polls early on in the election season then again as the election draws closer.

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